Animal Sanctuaries in Austin, Texas

An animal sanctuary is a facility that accepts homeless animals and provides them with a home, care, and support for the remainder of their lives. Unlike shelters, sanctuaries do not work to find other homes for their residents, because the sanctuary is their new home. However, some sanctuaries offer re-homing opportunities.

Another of their goals is to educate the public and provide information and resources. Like dog rescues, animal sanctuaries are always in need of assistance and volunteers. Much of their resources and capabilities exist because of donations and help from the community.

1. Dreamtime Animal Sanctuary

A nonprofit organization, Dreamtime Animal Sanctuary is located on a peaceful, rural road just outside of Elgin. Beginning with providing homes for horses and donkeys, the sanctuary now includes pigs, chickens, goats, sheep, cats, dogs, and more. They offer a number of volunteer opportunities.

2. Austin Farm Sanctuary

With a mission to rescue and assist animals in need, Austin Farm Sanctuary is a nonprofit organization that provides a home for animals and spreads awareness and resources throughout the community. Their Facebook page includes information about volunteering, fundraisers, and other ways to help.

3. Austin Wildlife Rescue

Saving and rehabilitating animals in central Texas since 1977, Austin Wildlife Rescue is a nonprofit organization that is devoted to assisting sick, injured, orphaned, and homeless wildlife. With over 6,000 wild animals rescued and cared for each year, volunteers are always needed.

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