Get Rid of That Retractable Leash!

Having a leash for your dog during walks is a safety measure for you and your dog. Nowadays, more and more dog owners are opting for the more modern retractable dog leash, allowing for the dog to not be bound by a certain length than the regular leashes do. Although there might be benefits to these retractable dog leashes, these string-like devices don't offer the best life for you and your dog, so here are five of the many dangers of retractable leashes.

1. The Chord Is Weak
Let's face it, why would anyone think that a tiny half-inch chord will be able to sustain the power of a dog? You might think that at first and I don't blame you, but if the dog were to run at full speed, they are able to easily rip off the chord from the leash. Also, the chord can snap back and hit whoever is walking the dog, so it is not a good idea to trust such a delicate chord.

2. It's A Dog Un-training Contraption
Usually, a basic 6ft. flat leash is designed to train dogs how to properly go on walks with their owners. With the retractable leash, the dog learns that it has the freedom to walk as far away from their owners as they want, which can probably cause an accident or bring unwanted dog fights 20ft away from you. It's best to keep your dog close.

3. Neck-slicing Your Dog
These retractable leashes can only go so far. Your dog doesn't know this fact. As the leash runs out, the jerk on your dog's neck can result in rashes, burns, or even spinal injuries. Think of what's best for your dog.

4. Uncontrollable Power
As stated before, a dog has enough power to tear the chord, but it also has the power to drag a person. Therefore, if the dog learns that it is okay to run full-speed away from it's owner, it will do so without hesitation. This can cause its owner many injuries like scrapes, cuts, bruises, and even broken bones.

5. Runaway Dogs
The grip from these retractable leashes are often bulky and heavy which can result in the grip slipping from one's hand and loosing a pet. To avoid the traumatic experience of a lost pet, consider not using a retractable leash. Your dog will thank you later.

Retractable leashes can often be very dangerous or confusing for your dog if it is not trained correctly on a regular leash. It is advised for owners to train their dogs well on standard leashes in order to decrease the probability of dangers for the dog and its owner.

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